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About Our Online Course

This is a unique online training course designed to take you through the entire process of sponsorship acquisition in a logical, easy to follow way. It is ideal for anyone who is seeking sponsorship within the motorsport or related sectors. It has the advantage of being deliverable on your PC, laptop, tablet or iPad at a time and place to suit your lifestyle.

Module 1

Sponsorship: A Powerful Business Development Tool

Understanding the full range of capabilities that sponsorship can offer a company is an essential part of the sponsorship acquisition process.  If you can provide innovative ways of helping a company sell more products or services in a measurable, sustainable way, you will greatly increase your chances of securing sponsorship.

Module 2

Creating A Saleable Sponsorship Property

Unless your sponsorship “product” meets the real needs of the market, you will struggle to find a buyer for it. This module helps you create a sponsorship property that stands a good chance of meeting some of those needs

Module 3

The Real World Of A Small To Medium Business (SME)

Contrary to common belief, business decision-makers are not eagerly waiting for a sponsorship proposal to land on their desk. They have far more important matters to deal with and understanding what those might be is vital to your cause.  This module helps you get inside the head of a business decision-maker. 

Module 4

Sales Material That Works

Whether you are using a printed sales presentation or an audio-visual version, it has to be powerful, dynamic and totally relevant to the business you are targeting. 

Module 5

Targeting The Right Companies

With millions of businesses out there in the market, it can be a daunting task to know which ones might offer the best chances of a successful approach.  This module offers practical solutions to help you choose companies that increase your chances of being successful.

Module 6

Creating Innovative Strategic Alliances

Understanding how your sponsorship property can be used as the catalyst for creating innovative, cost-effective business to business alliances can be very helpful. Some of the most successful motorsport sponsorships have been based on this concept.

Module 7

How To Get A Meeting

Unless you can secure a meeting with the decision-maker(s), all your preparatory work has been in vain. This tends to be one of the most difficult steps for many sponsorship-seekers. In this module you’ll learn some of the many ways this can be achieved to suit your personal style.

Module 8

Preparing For The First Meeting

You wouldn’t enter a motor race and expect to win if you hadn’t put in a high level of preparation. It’s no different with sponsorship sales meetings. The more you prepare, the better you will fare. Understanding how you do that is covered in detail in this module.

Module 9

Controlling The First Meeting

It’s important to take control of the first meeting if you want to identify potential opportunities within the company that you have approached.  Very often, the decision-maker might not have the necessary understanding of sponsorship and reach incorrect conclusions.  There are ways of preparing for this which will be dealt with here.

Module 10

Designing A Bespoke Sponsorship Proposal

Thousands of proposals are sent to companies from the sports, education, arts and charity sectors. Most end up in the bin, literally. Getting this right is a critical element in increasing your chances of being successful. 

Module 11

Closing The Deal

You’ve put in a lot of hard work to get to this stage. Unfortunately it’s where so many people get it very wrong by trying to close the deal too early, too late or without proven interest from the prospect. This module provides practical help for reaching a satisfactory conclusion to your sales presentation.

Module 12

Case Studies

Demonstrating even more ways of constructing innovative sponsorship opportunities, these case studies are based on Brian Sims’ personal experience and not just theoretical examples.